Mortgage Architects

Mortgage Architects: a firm of renowned experts

The Mortgage Architects firm is known for being one of the industry's best. It offers its members ultra competitive mortgage products, support as well as performing tools. Their quality of service, their availability and their timeliness when meeting demands give all mortgage brokers who are members of RCIIQ the opportunity to provide added value to their clients. They are select partners benefitting from an excellent credibility.

The Mortgage Architects firm is a national mortgage brokerage company owned and operated by Canadian brokers whose priority is to offer mortgage planning services to Canadians. Major planners and franchises must have passed the market test. They must follow some of the highest professional standards and generate an annual volume of 25 million dollars to be able to join the company.
Expert mortgage brokers take advantage of the benefits offered by the Mortgage Architects' company to provide buyers as well as owners an access to mortgage options of more than fifteen lenders, such as major banks, savings and credit cooperatives, trusts and other lenders. With such an incredible array of mortgage loans and lenders, the experienced mortgage brokers who are members of RCIIQ as well as partners of the Mortgage Architects, help more and more Québec consumers achieve their objectives of owning a home and attaining financial security.
Mortgage Architects: a firm of renowned experts

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