À la Carte Services Program

A wide variety of effective services and programs
As an independent real estate broker, I follow certain principles and I have a rigorous work ethic allowing me to give all my clients excellent quality of service.
Also, as a member of the Réseau des courtiers immobiliers indépendants du Québec (RCiiQ), I benefit from this network's various resources. Apart from access to experts in all lines of activities related to real estate brokerage, I put at my clients' disposal all of the tools, services and programs developed exclusively for independent real estate brokers.
·         The À la carte Services Program offers consumers the best of both worlds: flexibility, savings and protection.
·         An approach that guarantees buyers and sellers' peace of mind with the Secured iTransaction program that certifies the good condition and value of the building for sale.
·         Tremendous exposure of the property on more than 20 of the most popular Web sites with the iExposure program
·         A new publication strategy for social media to increase the property's outreach.
·         The presentation of a detailed listing on leading real estate brokerage Web sites (MLS/SIA/Realtor and its mobile application Realtor.ca; Centris.ca and nosadresses.com) combined with a unique chatting tool to communicate with potential buyers. (hyperlien)
·         Use of the HDR technology to make pictures and videos of a remarkable quality whenever possible.
·         Of course, all of the basic marketing techniques such as:
o   Professional advertising signs
o   Advertising in relevant media (paper, electronic or on the Web)
o   Promotional campaigns
o   Self-guided visits
Furthermore, when they do business with me, buyers who are looking for their dream home get the same privileges than homeowners selling their property. I can support them from the beginning to the end of the process. I can also allow them to take advantage of certain specific services such as the iSecured Purchase program

Member of recognized organizations in Canada and Québec’s real estate sector, and as such, benefits from the renowned services of the S.I.A.® /MLS®, Service inter-agences®, REALTOR®, REALTORS® and Centris.ca® registered trademarks as well as of the REALTOR® and Prospects® mobile applications. Independent real estate broker, member of the Réseau des courtiers immobiliers indépendants du Québec (RCIIQ), with access to all of the services and programs of the RCIIQ and the nosadresses.com portal.